Running Time: 24:16 min.

Quality: 1920x1080p FullHD 

File: 1 GB MP4 /ZIP

Actors: Alex Cavill, Zeus Vargas

Director: Nick Mazzaro

Release Date: December 2021

Studio: Frankfurt Sex Stories


Sex addict Zeus Vargas is horny and alone at a hotel room, during a business trip in Frankfurt. Zeus is horny as fuck and plays with a huge dildo when his boyfriend gives him a phone call to find out how he is doing. Unable to control his insatiable sex drive, Zeus tells his boyfirnd how horny he is. His boyfriend is willing to help him out and sends over a local sexy stud Alex Cavill. When Alex arrives they instantly lock lips and Alex reaches down to reveal Zeus’ throbbing cock. Alex’ mouth waters at the sight as he sinks to his knees and works his mouth up and down Zeus’ shaft. Zeus contorts and pumps his hips as he gets his cock serviced. Soon, it’s Zeus’ turn to take control and flips Alex on this back to deliver an expert blowjob. Zeus opens wide and engulfs Alex’ swollen member down his throat – all the way down to the base. He wraps his lips around Alex’ thick dick and lets the stud ream his face with cock.

Zeus commands Alex to fuck him and gets on top to ride his hard cock. Alex is on his back and Zeus climbs on top, pinning his ass down with his full weight as he drives his dick deep inside. He keeps a steady stroke on his own meat while riding Alex’ thick pole. Zeus bends over, opens up and takes Alex’ raw cock in his ass. Then Alex flips Zeus over again on his back fucking his hairy manhole with full strength, while Zeus is spreading his legs wider and wider over his own head. The feeling of Zeus’ hole clenching on his meat makes Alex cum all over Zeus’ ass before sliding it back in. Zeus can no longer keep it back, he lets loose and shoots his load all over his glistening abs. Now that Alex’ package has been serviced, Zeus is ready for his next blind date!

Blind Date was produced and directed by Nick Mazzaro for frankfurtsexstories.com

Starring: Alex Cavill, Zeus Vargas – Release Date: December 2021

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