Running Time: 32:56 min.

Quality: 1920x1080p FullHD 

File: 1.4GB MP4 /ZIP

Actors: Alexis Clark, Drew Dixon

Director: Nick Mazzaro

Release Date: April 2021

Studio: Frankfurt Sex Stories


When Drew Dixon and Alexis Clark wake up together in a Sunday morning in their sun drenched bedroom, the sparks fly. Horned up and not a minute to waste the two studs grope each other and kiss deeply. After getting completely revved up, Alexis reaches into Drew’s underwear to feel his tight ass. The feel of Alexis’ fingers meeting Drew’s throbbing hole is all it takes for Drew to get a taste of Alexis’ monster cock. Drew goes straight for Alexis’ cock, wrapping his mouth around his massive pole. After face-fucking Drew, Alexis bends down to get a taste of Drew’s throbbing cock. Taking it all the way to the base, ropes of spit drip from Aleixs’ mouth as he deepthroats Drew. Both studs taking turns sucking each other’s’ cocks. After they’ve had a taste of each other’s meat, Alexis bends Drew over on all fours and eats out his friend’s smooth hole. Alexis buries his face in Drew’s bubble-butt and jabs wetly with his tongue. He spreads Drew’s cheeks and gets to work with his fingers and tongue, opening up the boy’s ass.

Drew wants more, so Alexis gives it to him by sliding his massive rod deep into Drew’s ass crack, bareback. Drew takes it like a champ, and after he gets used to Alexis’ cock stretching his walls, Alexis goes back in pounding Drew’s tight hole relentlessly. Drew’s hole is hot, and the friction of his wild ride generates even more heat. The air fills with groans and the sound of flesh slapping. Taking complete control, Alexis pile-drives Drew before laying back to let this tight stud ride him. After riding his friend, Drew lays back and lets Alexis pummel his hole until he blows a load of thick ropes all over his rock-hard abs. When it’s Alexis’ turn to unleash, the big-dicked stud delivers a fountain of cum all over Drew’s ripped abs.

Nailed was produced and directed by Nick Mazzaro for frankfurtsexstories.com

Starring: Alexis Clark, Drew Dixon – Release Date: April 2021

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