Running Time: 33:47 min.

Quality: 1920x1080p FullHD 

File: 2GB MP4 /ZIP

Actors: Captain Qel, Sultan Rhodos

Director: Nick Mazzaro

Release Date: May 2021

Studio: Frankfurt Sex Stories


It is a quiet Sunday night at the local cruise bar. Captain Qel is having a couple of beverages when muscled Sultan Rhodos struts up. They approach each other and begin kissing deeply with lots of tongue. After they kiss passionately and work on their hard cocks, the clothes shed, and Captain’s cock gets sucked. Kneeling down, Sultan enthusiastically opens his mouth and swallows Captain’s monster cock. He does his best to gulp down every last inch of Captain’s thick meat without gagging. Captain returns the favor, tugging on Sultan’s balls and slicking up his shaft with slippery spit. After a relentless throat fucking, Captain bends Sultan over a barstool to eat out his smooth hole. When Sultan is ready for more, Captain bares down on the barstool to take Sultan’s pole entirely. Showing no mercy, Captain holds his bottom in place as he stretches out his tight hole with his thick cock.

Captain’s thrusting is relentless and unyielding. As Captain fucks him, Sultan strokes his boner, then pulls his legs wide apart to increase Captain’s penetration. As Captain picks up speed, Sutlan’s ass jolts with every impact. Putting all the power of his physique into his thrusting, Captain fucks Sultan like an uncontrollable sex beast. They bang hard, kiss, then resume fucking with Sultan on his back, his tight abs clenching into symmetric ripples with Captain’s every thrust. The intense pounding brings Sultan to the brink of cumming. With Captain filling up his hole, Sultan jerks his meat until he blows a hot, white load on the ground. Captain strokes his boner until he flings his load into Sultan’s open mouth. Standing up, Sultan makes out with Captain, sharing the taste of cum on his lips.

Nailed was produced and directed by Nick Mazzaro for frankfurtsexstories.com

Starring: Captain Qel, Sultan Rhodos – Release Date: May 2021

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