Running Time: 20:46 min.

Quality: 1920x1080p FullHD 

File: 1.7GB MP4 

Actors: Donnie Marco, Martty

Director: Nick Mazzaro

Release Date: August 2019

Studio: Frankfurt Sex Stories



It’s a beautiful day by the crystal blue water of the lake to go for a walk. Looking ripe and sweaty, shirtless and hairy hunk Donnie Marco stumbles down the path across the lake. Handsome Martty is also checking out the area when he comes across horny stud Donnie who has been hungrily watching him. Martty wastes no time and walks over to Donnie to taste the waiting stranger’s hard cock. Without any conversation, the men fall into each other’s hot embrace. Martty’s  hands reach down to cup what lies beneath the fabric of Donnie’s bulging pants. When Martty gets a handful of Donnie’s hard cock, Donnie eagerly slides his dick between Martty’s parted lips to let the horny stud suck him. Martty is good at what he does and soon Donnie is hard as a rock. Donnie can’t get enough of the ripped hunk deepthroating his rod. Then it’s Donnie’s turn to deepthroat Martty’s hardy piece of meat.

Donnie starts kissing Martty’s muscled body, working his mouth down his fuzzy torso and into his crotch. With long, smooth strokes, Martty fucks Donnie’s face. He pulls Martty’s cock out and starts to deepthroat it, gagging and drooling with the effort. Martty gasps, moans, groans and pleads for more. Holding the back of Donnie’s head, Martty takes charge and gives Donnie a rough, slobbery face fuck. Donnies’s full attention to Martty’s thick cock causes Martty’s head to jerk and his eyes to widen and roll back in ecstasy. Martty blasts multiple streams of cum onto Donnie’s face and his wide open cum hungry mouth. Donnie deepthroats Martty to suck out the last drops of cum. The taste of Martty on his tongue makes Donnie ready to explode. He lies down on his back to shoots his thick creamy load on Martty’s hungry face. At the end the two cum suckers indulge in longlasting kisses before they go apart.

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